Blue Sky! An experience like no other!

Hello ‘Blue Sky’ friends & friends to be! We are so excited for this spring & summer season! Our grass is greener than ever before, the Aspen Trees are leafing out & the snow is melting in the high country.

The Beartooth Highway is scheduled to open next Friday the 26th! We took a peek at the snow from The Wyoming side a few days ago & the snow walls are epic! Yellowstone National Park is fully open (Dunraven Pass opens the 26th)! We were there a few days ago & saw Grizzly Bears, Black Bears & cubs, Elk, Moose, Fox, Bison & their cute little red dog babies, Wolves & more. This is an amazing time to visit!

Here at ‘Blue Sky’ we have nesting Sandhill Cranes & Geese, Elk, Coyotes, Moose, Fox & this year, a Grizzly Bear. We also enjoy an incredible variety of birds, for those bird watchers out there. And we have Great Horned Owls nesting near the cabins. Papa owl usually perches on The Forget-me-not Cabin. Since we are close to Yellowstone, we are fortunate to share the same wildlife. But here, we don’t have the crowds & our wildlife tends to be natural & undisturbed. Whitetail Deer have often had their fawns right near the cabins.

After the floods last year, many bridges & trails were damaged. But many have re-opened, and in Yellowstone as well. The amount of time, effort & devotion to preserving & sharing our incredible slice of heaven here in The Big Sky Country, was unparalleled. You will find an adventure like no other, an experience like no other & a peace & solitude like no where else. Many of our guests comment on how their experience here at ‘Blue Sky’ has changed them & it was an experience that will stay with them forever.

This year, we have more availabilty, so we invite you to come & stay with us. Our motto is: If not now…when?
Cheers! Tammy & Kevin