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Blue Sky! An experience like no other!

Hello ‘Blue Sky’ friends & friends to be! We are so excited for this spring & summer season! Our grass is greener than ever before, the Aspen Trees are leafing out & the snow is melting in the high country.

The Beartooth Highway is scheduled to open next Friday the 26th! We took a peek at the snow from The Wyoming side a few days ago & the snow walls are epic! Yellowstone National Park is fully open (Dunraven Pass opens the 26th)! We were there a few days ago & saw Grizzly Bears, Black Bears & cubs, Elk, Moose, Fox, Bison & their cute little red dog babies, Wolves & more. This is an amazing time to visit!

Here at ‘Blue Sky’ we have nesting Sandhill Cranes & Geese, Elk, Coyotes, Moose, Fox & this year, a Grizzly Bear. We also enjoy an incredible variety of birds, for those bird watchers out there. And we have Great Horned Owls nesting near the cabins. Papa owl usually perches on The Forget-me-not Cabin. Since we are close to Yellowstone, we are fortunate to share the same wildlife. But here, we don’t have the crowds & our wildlife tends to be natural & undisturbed. Whitetail Deer have often had their fawns right near the cabins.

After the floods last year, many bridges & trails were damaged. But many have re-opened, and in Yellowstone as well. The amount of time, effort & devotion to preserving & sharing our incredible slice of heaven here in The Big Sky Country, was unparalleled. You will find an adventure like no other, an experience like no other & a peace & solitude like no where else. Many of our guests comment on how their experience here at ‘Blue Sky’ has changed them & it was an experience that will stay with them forever.

This year, we have more availabilty, so we invite you to come & stay with us. Our motto is: If not now…when?
Cheers! Tammy & Kevin

By BlueSkyTL406

Spring Snows

Whitetail Fawn Snowy Face
Snowy Face Fawn

It’s only 24 days to Spring but here in Montana we can still get snow & plenty of it! It’s a beautiful time of year with longer days ahead & a slow transition to Spring. In a few weeeks our Sandhill Cranes will return with their distinct calls & dances, Bears will start to emerge from their dens (the boars emerge first), The Bull Elk are dropping their antlers & starting growth on their new set, The Whitetail Deer will shed their winter attire for a different shade of lighter wear & The Canada Geese will start scoping out our pond for their new nest & another bunch of bobbing, yellow goslings. It’s an active time of year for all the wildlife & the migrating ones which will return to their Summer home in a few weeks.
Spring brings a refreshing sense & smell of renewal & this year a new hope for mankind. We are looking forward to Spring & to Spring-ing forward on the 14th! We are also looking ahead to Summer, Fall & Winter this year with a new excitement & desire for normalcy. And praying that soon we will all be getting together with family & friends like the good ol days! We hope you will find some time to come & visit us & enjoy our Spring Snows.

Red Lodge Montana wild West Cowgirl in tub
By BlueSkyTL406

Something new at ‘Blue Sky’!

We’ve been busy adding some fun new updates to our cabins! Our Hold your horses Cabin, soon to be re-named Sundance has a beautiful & romantic copper soaking tub, elegant chandelier, new comfy rocker recliners, new 50 inch UHD TV, new split air-conditioning/heating & new window treatments & decorations. Our recent guests have been loving the new features, especially the copper tub! We have also added outdoor fire tables to a few of the cabins. The fire tables add a cozy warmth to enjoy the views of the sunsets in the evenings & toast marshmallows for S’mores. Summer is officially here & the days are long & sunny with afternoon thunderstorms & rainbows. Wildflowers are in full bloom & the hiking trails are starting to clear of snow. The streams & waterfalls are rushing with cold, mountain waters. Activities are in full swing with our 4th of July Celebrations starting in 10 days with Rodeos, Parades & fireworks. Our whitewater rafting companies are having a blast with perfect rapids for a thrilling ride. Horseback riding is spectacular this time of year & the wranglers are excited to show you! There are so many activities in our quaint picturesqe town right now, from wildlife viewing, shopping, delectable restaurants, hiking, The Beartooth Highway & Yellowstone National Park & so much more. Be sure to check our activities page for all the details. And be sure to check out our Hold your horses/Sundance Cabin. A luxury Wild West adventure awaits!

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
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A trip to Yellowstone

We managed a quick escape to Yellowstone for a few days of wildlife photography. Yellowstone is amazing right now with spring babies everywhere! Grizzly cubs of the year (coy) Black Bear Cubs, Bison calves (red doggies), Pronghorn fawns, Sandhill Crane colts, Elk calves & so much more! We travelled over the Beartooth Highway where the snow walls are epic. The days were long & sunny with afternoon thunderstorms & rainbows. If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone let us help you plan. We have extensive knowledge of The Park & it’s wildlife & would love to show you our favorite places and up to date animal sightings. Of course, you can see pretty much everything here at ‘Blue Sky’ too. Even Bison at a nearby ranch. We hope you’ll join us for an up close & personal wildlife experience!

Blue Sky Cabins Montana
By BlueSkyTL406

It’s a beautiful day at ‘Blue Sky’!

It finally feels like Summer is almost here! The birds are singing, our Geese are enjoying the pond with their 4 little goslings & The Sandhill Cranes are well on their way to hatching their new little colts. It’s a comfortable 60 degrees with robin egg blue skies. There’s still plenty of snow in the mountains to provide water to all our wonderful lakes & streams through the summer & fall. So much snow that The Beartooth Highway didn’t open on schedule but it should be open very soon. Can’t wait to take that first drive up to the top of the world & see all the huge walls of snow & hopefully some Mountain Goats! This is our favorite time of year! The grass is a bright green & the mountains still white with snow. All the animals are busy raising their babies & the wildflowers are starting to bloom. Now is the perfect time to visit us at ‘Blue Sky’! And remember, we are now offering a 10% discount to all of our service men & women & all first responders! Call us for more details! We can’t wait to show you what Montana & Blue Sky Cabins are all about.